Mark Munro Real Estate Team

In general, all home sellers approach the task with the same two goals in mind: get the best possible price for their home and sell it quickly. While the details of the process may vary according to the type of home and local market conditions, the prospect of success is increased by following these eight steps.

Step One: Look Before You Leap

You'd never buy a home on a whim; you shouldn't try to sell one that way, either. So before you do anything, take some time to study the local market and current trends. The best way to do that is to schedule a pre-market consultation with Mark Munro. We've sold thousands of properties, and are uniquely experienced in helping sellers understand what they can do to properly prepare their home for sale.

Step Two: Learn Your Home's True Value

Nothing is more important than setting the right asking price for your home. That's why it's smart to get the help of a professional with the expertise and experience to get it right the first time. That's precisely what you'll receive in a professionally prepared Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) from your Baird & Warner Sales Associate - at no cost or obligation.

Step Three: Educate Yourself

While we're confident we can do the best job for anyone selling a home in Chicagoland, we can do a much better job for those who really understand the selling process. That's why our website offers you a convenient opportunity to get a complete education in home selling and home ownership.

Step Four: Choose the Right Sales Professional

In our minds, of course, the smartest sellers are those who list with Baird & Warner, because no one can match the pricing and negotiating strategies, training and resources that each of our professionals brings to the job. If you've worked with us before, you can reach Mark Munro here to contact him. Otherwise, we're more than happy to work with you to find an agent to help you list and sell your home.

Step Five: Use the Right Tools to Reach the Right Target

A quick, profitable sale is seldom a matter of luck. Far more often, it's the result of a sound marketing plan that makes the most of all the tools a Realtor has at his or her disposal. With Baird & Warner, those tools are formidable - from the collective resources of our area-wide office network - to a relocation organization whose ability to reach out-of-town buyers dwarfs that of any other Chicagoland broker.

Step Six: Give Your Buyer an Added Value...

Whether your buyer is moving from across the country or around the corner, they'll want all the help they can get. And that's just what they'll get if your home is listed with Baird & Warner, thanks to our exclusive affiliation with Home Services.

Step Seven: Moving into or out of the Chicagoland Area?

Call on Baird & Warner's award-winning relocation team to help you find the right home, in the right community, at the right price for you!